Emily was born into a musical family; she started playing the piano at the age of 6, but it was as a saxophonist that she had her first taste of jazz, becoming the only girl in the local big band. Influenced by her father’s love of vocal jazz, she soon felt the need to sing, and the big band was more than happy to push her into the spotlight as a vocalist. While training as an architect, she also attended the conservatory in Vienne, France, where she studied jazz singing and piano with Frederique Brun and Philippe Khoury.

By that time, it had become clear that music was Emily’s calling; after completing her degree in  architecture she decided to study music full-time. She transferred to the Ecole Nationale de Musique in Villeurbanne to study jazz with singer Sylviane Fessieux, arranger Gilbert Dojat, Pierre Baldi, and Jean Cohen. During this period she performed with a number of ensembles on the Lyon jazz scene and attended master-classes at the Crest Jazz Festival, working amongst others with Michèle Hendricks and Roger Letson.

In 2009, Emily moved to Brussels to study with world-famous vocalist David Linx at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Since then she has been fortunate enough to work with some outstanding musicians and started her own quintet, LIFT, with trumpet and flugelhorn player Thomas Mayade. In 2011 they won the young talent contest at the Jazz Marathon, Brussels’ leading  jazz festival, playing their own compositions and arrangements. LIFT released their debut album (1st Floor) in January 2014, featuring David Linx, Christophe Panzani & Sandrine Marchetti.

In June 2014, Emily graduated with a Master’s degree from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. For the occasion she assembled a new band to play her own compositions based on old british poems and nursery rimes.  « Songs of Old »  (sometimes accompanied by a string 4tet) is currently active on the Brussels scene and recently recorded a demo at Igloo Studios. Emily has also been a member of the parisian vocal sextet « Ego System » since 2012. She was invited on Diederik Wissels’ latest album ‘Pasarela’, to be released in December 2017.






La voix a toujours été très présente dans la vie d’Emily. Influencée par les disques de jazz vocal de son père, elle étudie le piano et le saxophone, et se tourne ensuite naturellement vers le chant.

Après ses débuts à l’Ecole Nationale de Musique de Villeurbanne en France, Emily poursuit sa formation au Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles auprès du vocaliste David Linx. En 2013, elle étudie au CNSM de Paris sous la direction de Riccardo Del Fra.
Diplômée d’un Master en Jazz Vocal, elle développe par ailleurs ses propres projets : LIFT, un quintette de jazz moderne dont le premier album est sorti début 2014, avec pour invité David Linx, ou encore SONGS OF OLD, une formation originale unissant poèmes anglais et quatuor à cordes.

Emily est lauréate du tremplin « Jeunes Talents » du Brussels Jazz Marathon 2011 et 2e prix du concours Crest Jazz Vocal 2012. Elle fait également partie du groupe vocal parisien Ego System ainsi que du Christian Klinkenberg 10tet. Depuis 2016, Emily a repris la direction de la chorale Tapalanote à Bruxelles.
En 2017 elle est invitée sur le disque ‘Pasarela’ du pianiste Diederik Wissels.